Close Enough to Say “Hello Bigfoot” Pt.7 B&G Bigfoot Campout June 2019

Hello everybody! In this video, our campers report amazing close encounters, gifting & broken bones as Sandy hosts our final morning meeting, in the Blues .Thank you, Sandy!
Then, we take a closer look at a strange anomaly, caught on camera and spotted by a viewer, in part 3 of this series, Not Saying It’s A Sasquatch, But… Good catch AnnieB3113! The anomaly takes place while we were filming at the location where a possible sasquatch had been seen jumping from a tree, the day before. Could it be the hand of another juvenile jumping from a tree, just feet from our campers? Rob heard something, but saw nothing. Other campers present have been ruled out. Squirrel? I have doubts about that as squirrels in this area are quite small. It’s unlikely we will ever know for sure what it was, but you are welcome to speculate.


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