World of Mysteries – On the Trail of Bigfoot

Is there an unknown beast lurking in the forests of the American Northwest? Thousands of people say they’ve seen it. It is part ape, part man, almost nine feet tall, covered head to foot in thick dark hair, and it walks on two legs. It’s sometimes called Sasquatch, a Native American word, one of more than eighty names they have for such a creature. More commonly it’s known as Bigfoot. Could this beast be the fabled missing link that proves we humans are descended from apes? A link that if proved, would be explosive!

It challenges our thinking about everything we know about science, about culture, about mythology, this is a creature that shouldn’t be, yet is.

It is a mystery to be solved, all the evidence is not in, and we haven’t yet one way or the other conclusively proved that it exists, or that it does not exist.

We have footprints supposedly left by this creature, and countless eyewitness stories, yet we still do not have any corpses, blood samples, or even bones. So does this creature exist, or is this simply the biggest hoax in human history.

“On the Trail of Bigfoot”, is a documentary, from the “World of Mysteries” series.


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